Driving Lessons in the Netherlands

Whether you are just passing through or if you are here for a more permanent stay, we would love to welcome you or your friends into our Driving School.

Technically we can Pick you up from every location within the ‘Randstad’ (basically all the big cities from the west, just draw an imaginary circle around Den Haag, Almere, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

But do you live outside this particular Circle, no worries at all. We from Driving School ARDH are SuperFlexible so we will figure out a way to get you going in the most easy and cheap way.

Now that we have that out of the way I would like to invite you to just Kick Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Why Choose Our Driving School in Den Haag?

For most people the Price of a Driving Lesson or the whole Course is the KeyPoint when it comes to deciding what Driving School to Choose.

Because a Driving Course is somewhat of an Investment, we kind of Strongly advise you all to take a Free Driving Lesson, simply because it will save you money.

Not only is it very convenient that you can get to know the guys (or ladies) you will be spending you hours of training with… More importantly you will figure out whether it will work or not. Let’s say you don’t get a word the guy is trying to teach you, than you can continue on for 5 hours and see if it works or not.

However, to us, it sounds way smarter to (in the particular case that you and the driving instructor don’t ‘click’) just to find a School where you do get what they are saying you are getting. It will save you hundreds of Euro’s, a lot of irritation and obviously time!

Our Driving School offers Everyone a Free Lesson, without any obligation what-so-ever. So If you are interested, Click the button below to make an appointment Today!

Prices and Rates

We have got plenty of deals and packages, however we found out that most of our customers just want separate lessons anyway. Obviously we can offer you the best prices on that, but may be its worth checking out our Packages or Deals. Especially if you are looking to drive more that 5 driving lessons.

Beside the Deals and Packages you can also pay per hour, of course. Although Packages are usually way less expensive, you could always consider just going with the separate Lesson Rates. Obviously can just take a couple lessons instead of a whole package, which could most definitely save you some money.


The figures listed above are our companies averages, on to of that they are rough averages. We have tried to make it as accurate as possible however consider this estimates and not facts. Every person has it’s own growth curve so please don’t get to stuck on the numbers… They are great rules for figuring out the price of your personal package.

If you want to know how many hours of driving lessons you will need more precisely, then call us right now to schedule your FREE DRIVING LESSON!

This lesson is totally free and consider it a gift for your interest in our company and brand! Also are there absolutely no obligations or anything like that. During this lesson we have more than enough time to come up with a proposal.

Obviously are you the one that decides how many lessons you will end up having.

BUT WAIT… We always have some Funky Fantastic Deals